Nigeria to create visa regime for tourists

Ekene Okafor, Lagos

Nigeria plans to create its visa regime to enable tourist free access into the country.

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Lai Mohammed was speaking while addressing journalists in Lagos.

He said that there must be an enabling environment for tourism to strive in Nigeria.

“The first step in boosting tourism is that we must change our visa regime if we do not change our visa regime, then we will find it difficult for people to come into the country,’’ he stressed.

Mohammed explained that Nigerians working in tourism strategic regions must also be friendly to tourists.

According to him,“it goes beyond visa regime. We must train our people who work at the boarders and  airports. So we are working very hard to ensure that we have a tourism friendly visa regime.”

Collaboration with other sectors. 
The minister called on private sectors and investors to key into the tourism sector, in order to create the enabling environment for Arts, culture and tourism to strive in Nigeria.

“The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, cannot do it alone, we need to carry along the ministers of interior, the director of security service, the Nigerian police, and immigration,” he added.