Nigeria to partner with power company on dams

Na’ankwat Dariem, Abuja

Nigeria’s Ministry of Water Resources is to partner with North South Power Company Limited, in the development of several existing dams for power generation.

The Minister of Water Resources, Mr Suleiman Adamu stated this when the board members of the company led by the Chairman paid a courtesy visit in his office in Abuja, Nigeria.

The minister said that the partnership was a good development, as it has demonstrated that Nigeria’s indigenous companies are competent in handling issues that were left in the hands of foreigners.

“The ministry is thinking towards that direction of partnership with the private sector in the development of the new and existing infrastructure of the sector for the development of small hydro power scheme,.” Mr Suleiman said.

He noted that the Ministry, in partnership with the Ministry of Power has set up a Committee on how best the ministry can concession the small hydro power schemes for adequate power generation.

According to him, the Committee would come up with regulations and information that would attract investors in the sector.

On his part , the Chairman of the company, Mallam Ibrahim Aliyu said that the partnership with the ministry would be achieved by building the powerhouse and installing the electro-mechanical components to generate power from some of the dams they have identified.

“Some of the assets of the ministry identified to be used to increase  power generation in the country includes the 30megawatt Gurara 1 Hydropower plant in Kaduna, 10mw Tiga dam Hydro Power plant in Kano, 10mw Oyan dam Hydro Power plant in Ogun, 8mw Challawa dam Hydro Power plant in Kano and 6mw Ikere dam Hydro Power plant in Oyo state,” he explained.

Mallam Aliyu stated that the company would raise money from their projects to explore viable opportunities in those identified areas without funds from government.

He however noted that the ministry and the North South Power Company Ltd will jointly develop the projects and share revenues accruing from the sale of electricity in the proportion of each party’s contribution.

Confidence O.