Nigeria to play for bronze in Rio Olympics

Nokai Origin, Abuja

Nigeria will now play Honduras for bronze after losing 2-0 to Germany in their semifinal encounter on Wednesday, August 17.

Nigeria started the game well from the kick off but the German defence looked up to the task countering their moves and covering their box well.

While surging forward looking to break the German defence line, Sergey brought down Ezekiel in the process earning the first booking of the match from the officiating official.

Eight minutes into the game, Lukas Klusterman put Germany in the lead meeting an open defence line but as soon as the play resumed Nigeria almost drew level in the 11th minute thanks to a miskick from the German keeper Tim Horn.

The Germans seemed to take over breaking into fast pace from the centre and Akpeyi Daniel the Nigerian keeper was forced a couple of times to put up some fantastic saves.

Nigeria however did not relent in their effort to surge forward but most of the passes that could have produced results fell short.

Second half kicked off with Nigeria switching up their formation  hoping to get better result but Germany still looked stronger in the half creating more chances and sitting back in the defence the moment Nigeria gets the ball.

Nigeria was thoroughly caged by the Germans while they continued to create chances. 89 minutes into the game, Peterson came through for Germany with the much needed second goal for Germany to ensure they come top and advance to the final where they will take on host Brazil for gold medal.