Nigeria urged to showcase its economic potentials globally

Adoba Echono, Abuja

Nigeria has been urged to showcase and develop its abundant natural and human resources as part of efforts in diversifying its economy from oil.

The Secretary General of the World Islamic Forum Foundation, WIEF, Mr. Tan Sri Ahmed Fuzi Abdul Razak stated this in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Abuja.

Mr. Razak said Nigeria had the opportunity to develop its economic potentials and opportunities that abound in the country and the world at 12th World Islamic Economic Forum scheduled to take place in Jakartar, Indonesia from the 2nd to the 4th of August 2016.

He said the forum would be a veritable platform for Nigeria to develop its micro, small and medium enterprises in driving the country’s economic growth.

“In line with the theme of the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum, which is ‘Decentralising the Growth, Empowering Future Business’, the forum aims to explore the crucial role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in driving economic growth in economies around the world,” Mr. Razak explained.

Mr. Razak stated that the forum had evolved over the years, as it is now a very important global business network.

“Over 2,500 delegates and 60 role players from over 100 countries across the globe are expected to attend the forum,” he said.

Mr. Razak explained that the forum was open to all, irrespective of race or religion.

”The Forum is open to all Muslims and non Muslims countries we have no restrictions at all, in terms of participants, we welcome all.

 “This is will be a good and timely opportunity for Nigerian businessmen to interact with counterparts from other parts of the world and develop a type of networking that will mutually benefit all sides in the long term,” he stated.

Mr. Razak noted that because of the role Nigeria plays in Africa and global affairs, he has specifically come to Nigeria to invite President Mohammadu Buhari to attend the forum as he will be a special guest of Indonesian government, the host of the forum this year.

“President Buhari at the forum will articulate his position on economic global issues and in particular the country’s national policies that will benefit potential investors.”

The Forum, according to Mr. Razak, will offer platform for delegates to discuss challenges, opportunities, and latest issues and trends surrounding business landscape.

He explained that it will also explore the urgent role of small and medium enterprises in driving economic growth in national economies around the world, from the previous dominance of big multinationals to ensure employment.

Key issues that will be discussed at the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum include; improving funding access for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and integrating them into the digitised trade.

Others are; building more equity crowd funding platforms, spurring innovation by linking start-ups to corporations and inculcating the culture of design thinking for business.

Confidence O.