Nigeria will curtail new polio cases

Gloria Essien, Abuja

Nigeria has an improved surveillance mechanism that would curtail the new polio outbreak, a medical practitioner Dr. Sani Gwarzo has said.

Dr. Gwarzo who disclosed this in an interview with Voice of Nigeria said the resurgent of the wild polio virus in the north eastern
part of Nigeria has been said to draw Nigeria backwards by many years.

He noted that though the resurgent is explainable, with the
amount of effort Nigeria had put in place, eradicating polio
would still be possible.

“It’s something that we can scientifically explain. It’s a sad event that has happened but we must look forward”. The damage has been done.  We have a new virus, it’s taking us back to various years of planning. But the good news is, it didn’t meet us unprepared”, Dr.  Gwarzo said.

He also said that the new outbreak would delay the final certification of Nigeria which was expected to take place in 2017.

“I assure you that the experience accrued over the years in fighting polio and reaching the stage we are now, has placed us on a very good stand to even hasten regaining back our lost ground. The Certification is not something you get over night. You do it and get evidence”.

It would be recalled that Nigeria confirmed two new cases of wild polio virus in Borno state, north east of the country where two children were said to be affected.