Nigeria will emerge world’s best in emissions reduction- President Buhari

Ben Adam Shemang, Abuja

President Buhari has declared the resolve of the government of Nigeria to ensure that policies put in place to address climate change will make the country emerge as one of the world’s best examples of how reducing emissions can benefit the environment and the economy.

In his statement at the 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) taking place in Marrakech, Morocco, President Buhari outlined the plan of the administration towards aligning with the global objectives on climate change and ensuring inclusive growth and environmental sustainability.

He said that Nigeria is launching a strategic plan for the implementation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and that the country embraced the issuance of green bonds as an innovative means and alternative way of raising climate finance both locally and internationally.

Key programmes the Nigerian government is pursuing are many and according to the president they include “substantially increasing the use of climate smart agriculture, diversification of our energy mix through renewable and efficient gas power creating a more efficient, cleaner and lower-carbon oil and gas sector especially through a gas to energy programme, initiating the implementation of the clean-up of the Ogoni-Land in the Niger-Delta region”.

President Buhari also affirmed that Nigeria has no choice but to key into the global action on climate change.

“In Nigeria for instance, the impact is being felt by the more than 2.1 million people displaced by devastating floods that the country has continued to suffer since 2012. If not addressed by 2050, the human and financial cost would be colossal. For us in Nigeria, the larger dimension of the challenge goes beyond emission rights. Survival rights are also at stake,” he said.

He equally reminded the gathering of the agreement at the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly that climate threats and security threats go hand in hand and called for concerted efforts on them.

“The Lake Chad Basin for example, has shrunk to a mere 10% of its original size, and this has seriously affected the livelihood of over 5 million people and contributed to the growth of insecurity in the region, including the emergence of Boko Haram as a terrorist group. Hence the urgent need to resuscitate Lake Chad. In this regard, I seize this opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to those who have responded to our call and to encourage other well-meaning partners to join in our efforts to revive the Lake Chad Basin,” President Buhari said.

He expressed the readiness of Nigeria to join hands for the change that the whole world is working towards.

Preisdent Buhari also called on world leaders, “to recommit ourselves to the achievement of the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement that we collectively signed in 2015 for the benefit of this and future generations. Nigeria has submitted its instrument of ratification for the new global agenda on climate change. We urge others to do the same in order to make the world a safe place.”