Nigerian Engineers poise to achieve UN Goals

Golfa Francis, Abuja

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE, has position itself to play a leadership role for the country to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

President of NSE, Otis Anyaeji at a press briefing in Abuja said that the technical infrastructure required for sustainable development was practically obtainable through engineering means.

“All of the SDGs rely on engineering foundations. The Nigerian engineers must therefore lead the narratives and thrust for national development especially in these days of change”. Mr Anyaeji said.

In this light, NSE instituted a workshop with the theme ‘’Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria-Engineering Perspectives’’ to achieve this mandate.

Representatives of the United Nations, ECOWAS, Government Officials, Academia NGOs, Industries and other engineering stakeholders will converge on Abuja on 15 March to participate in the first series of workshops by the Nigerian Society of Engineers on Sustainable Development Goals.

The workshop which has several sub-themes will present platform for stakeholders to guide the government on the strategy to deploy to attain the SDGs goals for the good of Nigerians.

Although the workshop is not design to provide immediate solutions, it will provide the necessary templates for systematic, effective and efficient discussions.

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