Nigerian farmers get new farming technology to boost productivity

Eniola Ajayi, Lagos

Farmers in Nigeria now have a cause to smile as a new farming technology that will enhance their production hits the market.

The latest innovation known as “Natural Clean Farming Technology,” is courtesy of the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with TMD Synergy Africa Limited and is expected to be formally launched on Tuesday, the 25th of July, 2017.

The President of TMD Synergy Africa Limited, Mr Victor Nwufoh, at a pre-launch Press Conference in Lagos, says the product, developed by the firm is an all-natural pro-biotic based animal supplements, designed for fish, poultry and pig farmers.

Mr Nwufoh who described the “Natural Clean Farming Technology” as an innovative first-to-market product, stressed that it would significantly improve animal health and create benefits throughout the food chain.

Natural clean farming technology for fish, poultry and pig farming allows farmers to farm without the use of chemicals or growth hormones; Natural Clean is being utilized by farmers around the world to improve the health of fish, poultry and pigs, we are delighted to officially bring natural clean to Nigeria,” he added.

Alternative to antibiotics

According to the TMD Synergy President, the product has been proven to significantly improve the digestive tract health and immune system as well as being a natural alternative for antibiotics and growth promoters used in the animal diet sector.
He noted that the product also had environmental-friendly nature.

Natural Clean product provides environment of farming fish, poultry and pig without any odour and flies in the farms; some of the fish farming benefits include, little or no need for change of water, reduction in the cost of feeding by over 30 percent, significant improvement in animal health as well as achievement of market weight in less time,” Mr Nwufoh said.

Poultry benefits

He maintained that some of the benefits in fishery could also be replicated in the case of poultry, adding that the products had the propensity to bring about low mortality in birds, excellent meat quality with better taste and an unprecedented increase in eggs production.

Empirical situations

A Lagos-based farmer, Mr Tunji Olaiya attested to the efficacy of the product, saying that in the experiment he carried out using 3,000 fingerlings, the rate at which he used to change water had drastically reduced.

Another farmer, Mr Ayodeji Oshinubi, whose farm was chosen by the Lagos State Catfish Farmers Association, (LASCAFA), explained that although the process of observation was still ongoing, his experience so far had been encouraging.

My farm was chosen by LASCAFA to carry out an experiment on the product so that other fish farmers in the State can come around to see how it works; the experiment began on May 14, we are still on, we have a tank for ‘natural clean experiment’ and another tank for ‘control experiment,’ the feeding cost is now reducing because I noticed that the fishes feed on the algae formed (life feed) on the water surface, so after feeding them normally in the morning, there is less feeding in the evening as they (fishes) go for the algae, so it is still ongoing but so far, it has been encouraging,” Mr Oshinubi noted.

Products components

Basic components of the products include “table salt, sea weed and encapsulated dolomite also known as lime.

When finally launched later this month, Natural Clean is expected to come in 50 grammes at the rate of 2,500 Naira.