Nigerian Government commended for choosing to dialogue with NDA

Paul Oke, Abuja

The Nigerian government has been commended for its decision to engage the Niger Delta Avengers in dialogue in order to stop attacks on oil pipelines.

The Deputy National Chairman, South of All Progressive Congress, Mr. Olusegun Oni made the commendation during an interview in voice of Nigeria’s thirty minutes programme; IN THE NEWS.

Mr. Oni said that it was not in the interest of the country for a group to sabotage the economy.

“There must be dialogue, the community must be involved and I believe we must talk. When you attack pipeline, there will be leakage, land and community will be affected, which is not the interest of anybody.” he said.

He commended the administration of Muhammadu Buhari for taking up the challenge to clean-up the Ogoni land.

“The All Progressive Congress is just in power for one year, Ogoni land is being clean-up which shows President Buhari has foresight, and he should be encouraged” Mr. Oni said.

The Deputy National Chairman, South praised the Nigerian Army for the fighting spirit in the North-east.

According to the APC Chieftain, the nation is getting deserved result from the Military because they are being motivated.

“People are no longer stealing the money meant to buy arms and ammunitions; the money is being properly channeled. The Boko Haram insurgents are not hoisting flags any more, the military deserve commendation”. he said.

The APC Deputy National Chairman, South also called on Nigerians not to see the problem of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as government problem alone, but the concern of everybody.

Mr. Oni however wants government to ensure that IDPs go back home as quickly as possible for farmers among them to resume farming.

The APC Chieftain condemned the Amnesty International for intolerable criticism against the Nigerian Military.

Mr. Oni said in prosecuting the war against Boko Haram insurgents, the military must defend themselves, protect innocent people and infrastructure as well as the places of religion worships

“The Amnesty international should take congnance of the fact that insurgents are taking arms against the Nigerian state, and it remains the duty of the military to ensure the insurgents were rooted-out,”  he said.