Nigerian government commended for fight against terrorism

Mnena Iyorkegh and Zubairu Mohammed Abuja

Nigerian Government has been commended for taking back the considerable territories that were captured by boko haram in previous years.

The new Information Officer to the Embassy of the United States, Mr. Russel Brooks gave the commendation during a courtesy visit to the Director General Voice of Nigeria Mr. Osita Okechukwu, in Abuja.

Mr. Brooks who said that Nigeria and the United States of America are working together to tackle security challenges, urged both countries to strengthen the existing bilateral relationship between them.

“We are working with both Nigerian Military and Nigerian police to increase their capacities, but we also provide humanitarian assistance particularly for the civilian populations that currently suffering from lack of food and medical care as a result of boko haram activities. And it is important for us to share the priorities of the embassy with Nigeria which are, educationally, intellectually, and culturally inclined”, he said.

Responding, the Director General Voice of Nigeria Mr. Osita Okechukwu explained further on the type of relationship that should exist between the two nations.

The Director General said that “luckily today we have the new government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari which had so far and will continue to chart a new course where we ran transparent government, with accountability where the little resources that come to the government is judiciously use for the people of the country”.

Mr. Okechukwu also appealed to the U.S government to support the organisation technically and financially to enable it meet the optimum standard in the world.