Nigerian government to collaborate with foreign diplomats on FDI

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of foreign Affairs, Amb. Olusola Enikanolaye, has urged foreign diplomats in Nigeria to assist the country in boosting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Enikanolaye told the News men   in Abuja on Monday that the mandate of the ministry and Nigeria foreign missions was to among others increase the FDI.

The permanent secretary said that there was therefore the need for ambassadors of various countries in Nigeria to cooperate with Nigeria to achieve this mandate.

According to him, Nigeria’s foreign policy, which is a reflection of domestic policy, is centred on three major components of economic, security and anti-corruption in the context of good governance.

“What we are trying to do is to project government’s priority in the domestic arena into our relations to the rest of the world.

“And I will start with the economy; there are three or four components of these that have direct relations with Nigeria relations with the rest of the world.

“One thing is obvious, which is the quest for Foreign Direct Investment; you can’t do FDI unless Nigeria policy projects that particular objective in its engagement at bilateral and multi bilateral levels.

According to him, what government has done to ensure that this happens is to inaugurate a committee on the ease of doing business in Nigeria.

He said that the plan was to see Nigeria ranking on the ease of doing business at a higher level.

“This has to do with the way visas are issued, attitudes of the Nigerian foreign missions to business men, whether those in the country or those who are coming to the country.

“Entry into the country at the airports, the domestic setting in terms of security, registration of business, patent or copy right and also with the relevant micro or macroeconomic policy of government.

“Those are the key components of government policy and economy that we are trying to project at the international arena,” he said.

According to him, the second component that government is trying to project is science and technology, job creation and promotion of entrepreneurial skills among the youths.

The permanent secretary said that there was the need to create jobs for the youths, train them and build capacity for them.

He said that those were the key components of the economy policy that the ministry was trying to project abroad.

The permanent secretary said that all countries had comparative advantages in various aspects of what he enumerated above.

“Nigeria embassies abroad are being tasked to ensure that they look at best practices and competitive advantages that Nigeria can leverage on to promote national development objective at home,” he said.

While commending the diplomats on some assistance rendered, he urged them to cooperate with Nigeria in the area of security, especially in intelligence sharing.