Nigerian judiciary introduces new method of dispensing justice

Vice President Osinbajo with Supreme Court judges

Nigeria’s judiciary has recorded a significant landmark in dispensing justice to the public.

The judicial system will now move from the conventional to the new Case Management System developed by the National Judicial Council.

Chairman of the Judicial Information Technology Policy Committee of the Council, Justice Kassim Zannnah disclosed this to journalists at the Presidential Villa Abuja after a meeting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Justice Zannnah said the new method of dispensing justice had already been recognized, as a delegation of four Chief Justices representing the judiciaries of the Caribbean community, were in Nigeria.

The four day visit to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, is aimed at replicating the same system in their countries.

“It’s a delegation of four Chief Justices representing the judiciaries of the Caribbean community. Being Commonwealth countries, their interest is to further deepen our fraternal relationships but of particular interest is the Nigerian Case Management System, developed by the National Judicial Council, which has already proven to be a paradigm shift,” he said.

Justice Zannah, who is also the Chief Judge of Borno state, said the new system would bring about the needed changes and speedy dispensation of Justice.

“This is going to be a complete revolutionary change. Hitherto, the Nigerian judiciary was operating the paper based system. The Case management System in particular is the engine room that is going to shift court operations from paper to the electronic format,” Justice Zannah explained.

He said the other component of the project would be the use of the legal electronic mail system.

“There is also the Legal E-mail System, that is right now being deployed and in the course of this year, the Supreme Court of Nigeria will stop serving paper notices or receiving same. They will have to do it electronically through that special e-mail that lawyers must subscribe to. The National Judicial Council has shouldered the responsibility of incubating and piloting it and it’s now ready. So this year onwards, communication between lawyers and the courts, particularly starting with the Supreme Court, will have to be electronic and that cuts out a lot of the delays that our people are concerned with,” he noted.

The Committee Chairman said the innovation would further help the Judiciary in its quest to serve the people better.

Responding, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said the new system would facilitate record keeping and dispensation of justice.

“I certainly think this new Case Management System is going to be revolutionary in all facets of our Judiciary,” he said.

The Vice President regretted the old way of justice dispensation, which had caused a backlog of cases, causing congestion in prisons.