Nigerian leaders urged to look beyond foreign investors

Yinka Salaam, Osogbo

Federal and state governments have been urged to look beyond foreign investors and focus attention at wooing Nigerians and Africans abroad for foreign exchange earnings.

This was the view of the governorship aspirant on the platform of the National Conscience Party, Abass Obayoriju at the just concluded governorship election in Ondo State.

He made the call while congratulating the Governor-elect, Rotimi Akeredolu in Owo, his home town.

Apparently responding to government spirited effort to woo foreign investments to shore up the economy out of recession, the governorship aspirant who adopted Akeredolu, the APC candidate on the eve of the November 26th election said the solution to Nigeria’s problems lies within Nigeria.

Obayoriju posited that foreign investors would invest their money only to repatriate their profits and gains to their home countries.

He advised the Governor-elect to look inward and tap from the abundant material and human resources – people with extra-ordinary and sterling qualities, highly educated personnel and competent professionals, insisting that only Africans can solve African problems

Former NCP governorship aspirant said Nigeria at the auspicious time needs super performers and extra-ordinary leadership, stressing that much has been given to the APC candidate by the people of Ondo State and he could not afford to disappoint them.

“Shortly before now, we had leaders that only come to apply readily available resources but now, we need leaders that will look for resources to apply. It is a double-edged task. We need a leaders that will search for scarce resources and give it a judicious application. And I know Barrister Akeredolu has the capacity to do both because he is a prepared leader.”

Unlike most leaders who are unwilling and unprepared but are dragged into leadership without requisite preparation to assume the position, I know Barrister Akeredolu is a prepared leader who has long been prepared for the task and he has the capacity to deliver. Remember, he was a successful President of the Nigeria Bar Association,” he said.

When asked why he chose to adopt the APC candidate, Obayoriju said he realized Akeredolu’s programs and manifesto were in line with that of the NCP and he believed Governor-elect has the credentials to deliver on his mandate.

“I believe in his capacity to lead this state and turn it around for better and I also believe in all his programs that are in tandem with the programs of NCP. And standing on a bigger platform, I and other colleagues in NCP felt it was better for us to collaborate with Akeredolu to ensure a successful outing,” Obayoriju said.

He advised Akeredolu not to allow partisan politics and political patronage to make him compromise excellence in his choice of appointments.