Nigerian motorists cautioned on driving in the rain

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has advised motorists in the country against driving in the rain without a clear vision of the road.

The FRSC also said that motorists should ensure that their wipers, headlamps, trafficators and brake lights were in good order, before embarking on any journey, especially during the rains.

Speaking in Ore, Ondo, Mr Philip Ozonnandi, the FRSC Unit Commander said that the advice was pertinent due to avoidable accidents on Nigerian roads caused by poor vision, while it is raining.

He pointed out that most vehicle windscreens became misty during the rains, especially when the wipers were not functioning properly, leading to poor vision that may result to accidents.

β€œDrivers experience unclear vision during this rainy season and this is why they should ensure their wipers, headlamps and brake lights are working perfectly.β€œIn case of unclear vision on windscreens, drivers who have air conditioners in their car can put it on to clear vision but vehicles without air conditioners can park and wait for the rain to stop, before they continue their journeys. Above all, drivers must jettison over speeding and reckless driving during the rainy season, to avert road crashes which are usually caused by human errors,’’ Ozonnandi said.

He also urged motorists to adhere strictly to all traffic rules, stressing that FRSC personnel were on the Benin-Ore expressway to arrest erring motorists who flout traffic rules.


Mazino Dickson