Nigerian Pilgrims commend Hajj Commission for accommodation arrangement

National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has been commended for providing adequate accommodation of its pilgrims in the city of Madinah.

The commendation was given by some pilgrims taking part in the obligatory prayers in the holy mosque.

One of the pilgrims, Halima Turaki from Kano State said “I enjoyed the madina city very well because my hotel is close to muharam; the people that their hotel is not near muharam find it difficult to come and pray here so I am very happy with the accommodation arrangement.”

A male Pilgrim from Kebbi state, Adamu Zubairu from who is a frequent visitor to the city of Madinah expressed delight on the arrangement for this year’s pilgrimage by NAHCON.

“The arrangement for this year’s is very tremendous because we got all our accommodation near the prophet mosque unlike the previous year, so we commend our federal government and state government for what they have done,” he said.

Meanwhile over fifty three thousand Nigerian pilgrims have been airlifted to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in preparation for the Hajj exercise which is to commence on the 8th of September.

The city of Madinah is the second holiest city for Muslims around the world.

This is so because it accommodates scared sites and monuments which are fundamental to the historical development of Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) built the first mosque of Islam known as Masjid Al-Qubaa as well as Masjid Al-Nabawi after his migration from makkah to Madinah.

The Vice president of Muslim women in da’awa, Rahma Sani explained the significance of visitation to the prophet’s mosque by pilgrims.

As we are all aware that  the Prophet has said in  the Hadith that a Muslim should not take a visit to any mosque except three mosques the  first Mosque  is Masjidin Nabiyyi in Madina, Masjidin Aksar in Jerusalem and  Masjidun Haram in Makkah  where ka’aba is located and he said when  a Muslim prayed there he has one hundred  thousand reward. As  you know that Madina  is the town of the  prophet where he was loved and accepted so when he came to medina he build Masjidun Nabawi,(prophet Mosque) where people are always coming to see where the prophet leaved his life and  inside the mosque there is a particular place that is very very important that is between his house and where he give sermon that is part of Paradise  and he said who ever prayed in that particular place  called Raudah Allah will answered  his prayers and apart from that the prophet was buried in that place that is why every muslim will want worship in that particular mosque.