Nigerians in Canada urged to support economic diversification

Grace Adekusibe , Lagos

Nigerians in Canada have been urged to help the Nigerian Government in the diversification of the economy.

The Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives, who gave the charge, said no country of the world can employ 10 percent of its workforce as jobs do not reside in government but in the individual and corporate world.

Mr Lasun, while responding to the appeals made by the Nigerians in Canada who visited him in his office, said the country has operated a mono-economy for years and that led to the country’s underdevelopment.

He stressed the need to develop the agricultural sector by partnering with the developed world saying that the exploitation of oil has done more harm than good to the economy of Nigeria.

“Nigeria depended heavily on oil. We are trying to retrace our steps to agriculture. It is difficult to do mechanised farming in the forest region except in the northern part of the country. The process of mechanised farming is lacking in Nigeria because of mono-economy.

“Agriculture is what we have to go back to and depart from the old method,” he explained.

Lasun, however, said foreign direct investment is vital, as is information and communication technology.

Education is the bedrock of everything. What we need in the area of education is the skill acquisition. We lack skill. If you don’t have the skill nothing can be done. It is relevant to all the sectors,” he said.

Earlier, a member of Parliament in Canada,‎ Mr‎ Ramesh Sangha who led the delegation, explained that they were in the country for possible collaboration.

He told the Deputy Speaker that they wanted stronger ties with the Canadian government‎ so that areas of assistance could be identified.