Nigerians donate blood to victims of collapsed church

Members of National Association of Seadogs donate blood to save victims of church building collapse

Nigerians have responded to the call to donate blood for the victims of the church building collapse in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Among those who responded to the call were members of the National Association of Seadogs, Calabar Municipality chapter of Cross River State.

The group led by the President, Mr. John Nya donated 21 pints of blood to the injured victims of the disaster.

Free donation
“The National Association of Seadogs has continued to act when the need arises. When we heard of the incidence, we contacted the National Blood Transfusion Service centre in Calabar to confirm if there was need for blood donations. We consider this succour at no cost.

“At short notice, we mobilised our team and donated. We have done this over and over again to save the lives of disaster victims. In June, we gave over 40 pints to victims of Boko Haram insurgency. We hope and trust that the blood will get to the destination at little or no cost to the recipients because we gave it for free,” Nya said.

One Blood Donor Recruiter of the National Blood Transfusion Service Centre in Calabar City, Mr. Okanga Ngim received the blood on behalf of the victims.

He commended the association for what he described as ‘a timely intervention,’ saying that voluntary blood donation was beneficial to the victims.

“We have collected 21 pints of 450mils each. This will go a long way to save the victims of the collapse church… We are not surprised at the timely intervention of NAS because they have displayed it over and over again. This is the only organisation that is doing this in Calabar.

“This donation is coming at a time when we are experiencing reduced donations from members of the public. Other organisations should emulate NAS for this selfless service,” he said.

Last Saturday, scores of worshippers lost their lives and many were injured when the newly constructed auditorium of Reigners Bible Church collapsed during an ordination service at Uyo city.

Mercy Chukwdiebere