Nigerians urged to make healthy food choices during festivities

Nigerians have been urged to make healthy food choices during the Christmas and New year celebrations.

Dr Arikawe Adeolu of the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja, said in an interview on Sunday,  that the season usually came with an increase in cases of food poisoning.

He urged people to be careful with what they eat, how they eat and where they eat to avoid health complications.

“During this period we have a lot of cases of food poisoning; that is a situation whereby someone eats food that is contaminated and they now come down with diarrhea and vomiting so one has to be very careful about what you eat, where you eat and even how you eat.

Sleep is also very important. Sleep helps the body to rejuvenate and lack of sleep can even lead to a reduction in your immunity which gives room for different kinds of diseases to creep in,” he said.

“Also another thing, because of the festivities, more alcohol is usually consumed than what we consume on a normal day, so the advice is one should always know his limit it is important to know your limit don’t take more than is necessary.

It is also required that you take a lot of water if you have to take alcohol but more importantly don’t drink and drive because you put yourself and other people around you at risk,” Dr. Adeolu advised.

Sexual activities

“During the course of the festivities, there is usually an increase in sexual activities because people feel a whole lot free and they want to express themselves, so there is an also an increased risk of having sexually transmitted infection.

My advice is that people should always be very careful in engaging in such activities so that they don’t expose yourself unnecessarily to this infection,” the doctor warned.

Adeolu also advised people who engaged in lots of activities to ensure they remained hydrated as the harmattan season comes with a dry weather which causes dehydration.

According to him, people should take lots of water; at least 3 litres a day.

He stated that people who were on special diets and medication to stick to them saying that “the holiday is not a drug or diet holiday”.