Nigerians urged to show passion for agriculture

Ene Okwanihe, Abuja

The Chairman Senate Committee on Agriculture Senator Abdullahi Adamu has called on investors in Nigeria to show passion for agriculture by investing in the sector.

The senator stated this during a tour of the Longa-Ewa Mangoes and fruits processing facility by the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme, WAAPP-Nigeria team in Sabon Wuse Niger state North- Central Nigeria.

Senator Adamu said Nigeria needs individuals with passion, dedication and commitment to agriculture for it to achieve the desired target.

He said with passion and commitment to agriculture the sector will thrive, create jobs and help the country attain food sufficiency.

“The moment we are able to cross this kind of stage were Nigerians out of their passion for promoting agriculture as an economic activity brings us to a stage were value addition becomes the order of their activities on the farms then we are truly moving agriculture somewhere forward.”

He lauded the efforts of Longa-Ewa farms in promoting agriculture in Nigeria.

“A person comes across a virgin land like this, sets up his own system, has his own electricity, has his own water and then brings equipment and buys mangoes, pawpaws, oranges and pineapples from smaller farmers. He has created a means of employment”.

It shows real commitment and passion for him to want to contribute his own quota to the development of agriculture in the country” he said.

He said farms like this add value by curtailing the issue of post harvest loses and storage particularly with the mango dryer which will help in the area of excessive wastage of the mango fruit.

In his remark the CEO of Longa-Ewa farms Njidda Ahmad appreciated the effort of the lawmaker for showing interest in the activities of farmers.

He said the little effort of coming out to visit the farms is really encouraging.

He particularly thanked the WAAPP-Nigeria team for their effort in making the fruit drying processor available for farmers in the country as he has greatly benefitted from it.