No exemption in government’s fight against corruption – Oni

Aanya Igomu, Abuja

Nigeria’s governing party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, says nobody or institution will be exempted from the government’s fight against corruption.
The party’s Deputy Chairman South, Mr. Segun Oni stated this while speaking to journalists at the party’s National Secretariat in Abuja.
He called on Nigerians to stand against corruption and support the government .
“We expect attitude to be changing more, we expect Nigerians to become more and more demanding, because the moment they know that their voices also can count, they would continue to raise their voices against corruption and Nigeria would be better for it. I am very sure that Nigeria has started on a road that nobody can block. Corruption would receive the fight of this government and of this party wholesale and if anybody is still in the past thinking that after a while they would stop, those people are thinking in the past,” he said.
He said the Judiciary had to join the government to fight corruption.
“Things cannot continue the way it is. Everybody knows corrupt people, but everybody is keeping their voices low, they know corrupt people. Don’t lawyers know corrupt judges? Don’t judges also know corrupt judges? If the system within the judiciary is unable to deal with this, so nobody should talk?  People would get so frustrated that the people out there would come out in arms against the whole system and God forbid. So what we are trying to do now is to prevent the alternative, which is the collapse of the whole system, people taking laws into their hands.
If the NJC has been able to deal with the issue of corruption decisively in such a way that people are very confident that it would be done, I am sure this would probably not be necessary, but not much has been done, people are frustrated, the whole system is complaining.”
Some Nigerians have described the government’s fight against corruption as one sided and biased and in defence of the government, Chief Oni explained that the fight isn’t directed at any particular person or group.
“The Executive are always the first people, politicians, they are always the first people. Since we have been prosecuting people for corruption how many judges have been brought before EFCC over the years? Is it an indication that the judiciary is clean?  How many legislators were brought before EFCC?  It has always been the executive. The executive you know, yes you can say is the executive in previous administration, but they are still part of the executive.
Even when you talk of civil servants, how many civil servants have ever been brought. So, this is not a war directed in any particular direction. If you know corrupt people even in this government if you have evidence come up and let’s us see whether government would keep quite. If you see act of corruption been perpetrated by people even in this government now, say it and it would be attended to. The truth is , Nigerian need to be salvaged  from the grip of corruption, how do we go about it?  This is one model.
Let any group, or any arm of government come up with a model that would be very effective and would be devoid of what they consider as abnormalities and all Nigerians would fold our hands and watch them do it,” he concluded.