Normalcy returns to Kano after clash

Acheme Jack, Kano

Shiites Islamic sect clashed with some Kano youths on Wednesday.

Normalcy has returned to Kano State after youths and the Shiites Islamic sect led by El-zazakykc clashed on Wednesday.

Spokesperson for the Kano State command of the Nigeria Police, Musa Majia said that detachment of mobile policemen were mobilised to quail the clash between both parties.

“The clash occurred at different locations within the State metropolis including Kofar-Mata, Murtala Muhammad Hospital and Kano Abattoir.’’

“The 17 injured members of the group were rushed to the police clinic where they were treated and discharged. We have rescued 138 members of the Shi’ite mostly women and children and they are still under our custody. There was no death on both sides and normalcy has since returned to Kano,” Majia stated.

He said security has been beefed-up in the State to forestall any of such occurrences.

The Kano command of the Nigeria Police had issued a statement banning any form of religious procession in the State in the interest of peace.

Unacceptable procession
An eye witness, Adamu Zubairu said the clash took place around 1:OOpm on Wednesday, while the Shiites members were embarking on their annual Ashura procession.

The youths claim the procession being embarked upon by Shiites group after the ban by police is an attempt to cause mayhem for which they were not ready to contain bearing in mind Boko Haram attacks that brought untold suffering on the people.

Abubakar Salisu, who is a member of the Shiites group, however, said there was nothing wrong in embarking on the procession, since it was a worldwide annual event which the group has been carrying out over the years.

A clash between the Shiites group and the Nigeria Army last year left scores of people dead.

The clash led to the arrest of their leader in Nigeria, Shiek Ibrahim El- Zazaky who is still in security custody.