Northern governors, US institute collaborate to end insurgency

Ben Adam Shemang

Northern governors at a recent meeting with top US government officials in Washington DC.

The American Peace Institute has expressed its willingness to work with the 19 northern state governors to end insurgency in Nigeria.

To this end, most of these governors have held a series of meetings with top officials of the institute in its headquarters in Washington DC.

The Governors of Bauchi and Yobe states from the north eastern Nigeria in a joint news conference at the State House in Abuja  said the meetings with the American officials were very fruitful.

“The northern governors were invited by the US Peace Institute based in Washington DC. It is an organization set up by the United States . They have a great concern  on the situation in the northern part of Nigeria. They believe that whatever situation exists in northern Nigeria will necessarily have a multiplier effect in the entire nation”, Governor Mohammed Abubakar told the journalists.

These Nigerian governors and the American experts also looked at exactly, what they can do to stop boko haram and the recurrence of such an insurgency.

Governor Abubakar throws more light on this.

“We discussed with them, what they call the drivers of insurgency, the root causes of insurgency, illiteracy, poverty, lack of empowerment for youths and women”.

They also mapped out strategies to assist Internally Displaced Persons return home and live meaningful lives having been given some basic training to be self employed.

The Jigawa State Governor, Abubakar Badaru said his state and Bauchi will join hands to fight remnants of boko haram, kidnappers, cattle rustlers and other miscreants terrorizing the states.

He said the two governors have briefed President Muhammadu Buhari who has approved the plans and that the military will soon move into the fight in a joint exercise in the forests that join the two states.

“We have been fighting insurgency ;we have been fighting all these criminal elements in our individual states but we believe we need a coordinated fight between Bauchi and Jigawa states so that we drag these criminals out of the forests”, Governor Badaru said.