Ojugbana tasks Ahmad to improve on African football

Nokai Origin, Abuja

Former assistant Secretary General, Nigeria Football Association, now NFF, Charles Ojugbana has called on the new leadership of the Confederation of Africa to improve many aspect of African Football.

This comes after the emergence of Ahmad Ahmad as President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

In an interview with voice of Nigeria, the former football administrator listed some of the areas that he would like the new leadership to work on which includes bad pitches, cases of bad officiating, issues of governance and management of football resources, crowd attendance, better coaching experiences amongst others.

Long serving Confederation of African Football President, Issa Hayatou was defeated by Ahmad in the election held on Thursday 26th March at the Confederation of African Football headquarters, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ojugbana believes if someone has been in a position for almost thirty years, it simply means their best has gone.

“Some of us thought Hayatou would take the honourable path to step aside long before now, but he chose to go on and wanted an eight term tenure, and that is the bane of development, people should know when to quit and when to say enough is enough. “

Ahmad a member of CAF executive committee who has been head of Madagascar FA garnered 34 votes against Hayatou’s 20 to become the new face of leadership in African Football.

” Ahmad strikes me like someone who knew what he wanted to do even before contesting, the problem in Africa is that most people contest for office without having an idea of what the office demands or what they will achieve while in office but Ahmad has been a member of CAF executive committee for a long time and he has seen it all and he has been able to articulate what his vision is and in articulating that vision, he has been able to look for like mind across the continent and that’s why the Nigerian football federation president was also lucky to get into the scene because he belongs to the group ” said Ojugbana.

Ojugbana also wants to see a complete revolution in the area of the relationship between government and the football federations across the continent.




Aisha JM