Pakistani envoy in Nigeria seeks global efforts in Kashmir

Adoba Echono, Abuja

Pakistan's High commissioner to Nigeria, Lt General Umar Farooq

Pakistan has called for global efforts in bringing lasting peace to Kashmir.

The Pakistani High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Agha Umer Farook made the call in Abuja at a reception to mark 69 years of India’s occupation of Kashmir.

The envoy said that the crisis in Kashmir was a core issue between India and Pakistan, adding that its resolution would ensure durable peace in that region.

“We demand for immediate ceasefire and the conditions set by the international community at the UN, Pakistan is willing to abide by all those regulations and actions required,” Farook added.

He also said Pakistan is committed to a better and peaceful world as the country has seen enough of conflicts and suffering.

He reiterated that there is an urgent need for the international community through the UN global commitment to restore peace in the region.

 “The issue was taken to the UN Security Council and General Assembly and both agreed on a ceasefire with conditions binding both countries, India and Pakistan.”

Mr. Farook noted that the rights of the people of Kashmir must be recognised and acknowledged and they should be allowed to choose what they want, which is the right to self-determination through plebiscite.

He said both countries must take out their forces and a commission should formed to ascertain the conditions to set the impetus of the right to choose by the people of Kashmir.

“Those people are not only asking for independence, they are questioning world conscience, legality, honesty of the world at large and those who signed the resolution and pledged to practice it.”

The former Nigerian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Ambassador Dauda Danladi, emphasized that bringing peace to Kashmir and Southeast Asia would contribute to global peace.

Ambassador Danladi reiterated that over sixty thousand people had lost their lives as a result of the conflict in the region and added that the figures would rise if the issue remained unresolved.

“Decades of struggle and skirmishes deeply rooted in the unresolved Kashmir dispute have taken its toll, according to Ambassador Danladi.”

“Over sixty thousand people according to Human Rights Watch have lost their lives; this figure unfortunately has the tendency to rise in the future if this dispute remains unresolved, he disclosed.”

“The dispute has the tendency to lead to a nuclear war and I do not think the world can afford another Hiroshima.”

He said in order to contain the rise of insurgency in the world, disputes like that of Kashmir should be resolved.

Ambassador Danladi said this therefore calls for concerted efforts, vigorous diplomacy to sort out the issue of Kashmir because it is one of the oldest human struggles that has been unresolved.

On October 1947, Indian troops landed in Srinagar and forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir in total disregard to the partition plan of the sub-continent and Kashmiris’ aspirations.