Police calls for more manpower

Mohammed Husaini, Abuja

The Nigeria Police says the non recruitment of Nigerians into the force between 2011and 2016 has left a huge gap in the manpower need of the Force.

The Inspector General of Police IGP Ibrahim Idris said it was due to attrition as a result of retirement, death and resignation.

The IGP was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2017 National Security Summit on Farmers Pastoralist clashes, kidnapping and other forms of crime in the country.

Mr.Idris said to bridge this gap and attain the United Nation ratio requirement of one Police officer to four hundred citizens of a country, the Force need to recruit additional 155,000 officers to Police Nigerian population.

The IGP reiterates that there is need to recruit at least 31,000 Police Officers yearly for the period of at least five years.

Mr Idris said the present Police management has laid out plans to establish more specialised training institution to address issue of specialisation within the Force in order to enhance operational efficiency and competence.

He said the Force is planning to establish areas and units which include: Border Patrol units, close protection units and marine Police units.