Police refutes Amnesty International report


Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris

The Nigerian Police has described Amnesty International report as partial and one-sided

The Inspector General of Police Mr. Ibrahim K. Idris stated this at a seminar for police commanders in held Abuja.

Mr. Ibrahim stressed that the report was biased stressing that Amnesty International did not give Nigeria’s Police the opportunity to defend the allegation before going ahead to publish the report.

“Amnesty International wrote a report to us and said they want have a roundtable discussion about the conduct of the police they said our Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) office are come to torture chambers, instead of waiting for us to depend ourselves they rushed to the foreign media and release the report,” he said.

He further reiterated that “most of these fabricated stories people just write them base on assumption it is not really what is on the ground.”

The report

The Amnesty International report accused Special Anti-Robbery Squad of demanding bribes, torturing detainees, and extorting money from criminal suspects and their families.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian police have paraded four suspected kidnappers and killers of Late Reverend Father Adeyi Parish Priest of St. Benard’s Parish of Catholic Diocese of Oturkpo Benue State North-Central Nigeria.

The suspects were, Suleiman Goma, 30 years old the Gang Leader, Saidu Abdullahi 28 years old, Deputy Leader, Aliyu Garba 26 years old, and Haruna Idi 27 years old.

The Force Spokesman, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Don Awunah who addressed the newsmen said, after collecting one N1,700,00 million as ransom, the kidnappers went ahead and murdered the victim.

Mr. Awunah explained that between the 11th and 14th September,2016 the four suspects were trailed and arrested at different locations in Bauchi, Enugu and Benue States.

He said that, the items recovered from them included two tanker trucks loaded with thirty-three thousand litres of petrol, one Toyota Rav 4 jeep one Peugeot wagon, a Chevrolet jeep and one Honda Accord car.

After Police investigations and interrogations the Deputy leader of the Gang, Saidu Abdullahi confessed to the police investigators that he fired the fatal shot that killed the Reverend Father.

The late Rev. Ft. John Adeyi was kidnapped on 24th April, 2016 and was killed that same day.