President Buhari addresses Nigerians from London

Acheme Jack, Kano

The President of Nigeria Muhammedu Buhari has spoken live to Nigerians in a telephone chat with the governor of Kano state Umar Ganduje during a special prayer organised by the state government for his quick recovery.

During the Prayer session which took place at the Africa Hall Government house, Kano, a call was put through to the President by his Special Assistant on Broadcast Media, Shabban Ibrahim Sharda, where the president was intimated of the concern of the people over his health and the wealth of prayers being offered to God for his quick recovery.

The phone was further directed to the state governor Umar Ganduje who was addressing the people that attended the prayer session

Ganduje informed him that “Mallams from the 44 local government areas of the state and Limans are gathered at the government house and offering prayers for his good health and peace of the nation”.

The President in his response thanked the people and the organisers of the prayer session which was put on speakers for the people to here.

The President spoke in the local Hausa language “ ALLAH YA KARBA AADUWA. INA GODIA. INA FATA, KA YI GODIA MUTANEN TARUN ADOWA” translated to English Language it means“ God accept the prayers. Please, thanks to the organisers of the prayer session, “said the President

Governor Ganduje said the voice of the president as was heard is an indication of a person who is almost well and will soon be back in Nigeria.

“It has cleared the doubt that the president is incapacitated “

From what we have heard from his voice, I assure you that it is the voice of somebody who is recovering from illness. it is the voice of somebody who is almost recovering because he spoke with vigor , fluency. He spoke with happiness from his own expression. I believe his getting much better” emphasised Ganduje.

During the Prayer session Ahmed Suliaman read the Holy Quran, while Nasiru Adamu read the Tafsir reminding the people that they have the responsibility to pray to Allah for the good health of their leader as such prayers should always be offered for the quick recovery President Muhammodu Buhari and the peace of the nation.

Another prayer session for the quick recovery of the president will be healed across Kano state on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Katsina state has thanked the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Katsina Branch and other Christian group for holding a special prayer for the recovery of the president.

He said the singular act demonstrated that the God and the president is for all irrespective of religious and faith.

This is the first time since he embarked on a medical vacation to London, more than four weeks ago that the President has spoken to Nigerians.