President Buhari sends federal delegation to Lt. Col. Ali’s funeral

Ugo Okoro, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has directed that a delegation be sent to the funeral of late Lt. Col. Abu Ali, who was killed by boko haram insurgents on Friday in Borno state.

In a series of tweets, the President said: “I have asked Chief of Staff Abba Kyari to lead a delegation to represent me at the funeral of Lt Col Abu Ali & other fallen heroes, tomorrow.

I received the news of the deaths with shock. Lt. Col. Abu Ali was an extraordinary officer who inspired respect among those he commanded.

No words can do justice to the patriotism and remarkable courage of these soldiers, who laid down their lives for Nigeria.”

He called on members of the Armed Forces “to not allow this tragic incident dampen their spirits and resolve. Evil will not triumph over good.”army-lt-col-ali