President Buhari will lead by example- Lai Mohammed

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

The Nigeria’s Minister of Communication and Culture, Mr. Lai Muhammad has said that President Muhammadu Buhari would lead by example in the quest to achieve the administration’s change mantra.

In a telephone chat with VON correspondent, Mr. Lai Muhammad explained that National Orientation campaign of the current government was to reset people’s mind towards a change in attitude and President Buhari would lead in that direction.

The Minister said “When leaders lead by example, their policies become very effective, but when leaders preach one thing and do something else, then people don’t take them seriously. Fortunately for us, we have a leader who has shown tremendous good examples in terms of discipline and life style”.

He said the beliefs that past government in Nigeria have failed in a bid to change people’s attitude was untrue.

According to him “the “War against Indiscipline” which was launched in 1984-85 was making a lot of headway, but came to a halt with the abrupt change in the government”.

Mr. Muhammad noted that the ‘change’ campaign was designed to address individual sensibility.

“The change is addressed to everyone, as we appeal to their sense of patriotism and voluntary complaint and it will change over time”. he said

The Minister submitted that government would ensure all Nigerians key into this campaign and noted that the change they yearn for would not come until they begin within themselves.

 “We must go beyond ‘change’ in the government. Our change is personal, such that Individual must be involved. I, Lai Muhammad will always report promptly to work and will not attend any function late, the change begins with me, I am a pharmacist, I will not sell adulterated drugs…the concept is that we want Nigerians to take conception of this change mantra”. he said.

Value restoration

The Minister of Information said that the All Progressives Congress, APC was formed to restore the lost value of the country, stressing that values of transparency, honesty, hard work and punctuality, which Nigeria was popular with must be reactivated.

He further stressed that the reason for the change campaign was to let Nigerians know it, not just as a slogan but a way of life.


On the issue of job creation, the Minister said moral decadence in the society particularly; the issues of corruption, economy sabotage among others have hindered creation of jobs for the teeming population, assuring that the dreams of many unemployed graduates and entrepreneurs would be achieved this year.

“In this year’s budget, we intend to employ half-million unemployed graduates who are going to be trained to teach. We have also put aside N500 billion which we are going to give to market women and farmers through the cooperatives and also made provision to look at other areas of social interventions.

The Minister urged citizens to support President Buhari’s government in his drive to restore sanity and emphasised the need for attitudinal change of the people, which according to him would form a path to development of the country.