ANC MP complains of persecution

An outspoken member of South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) party, who has been charged with ill-discipline for speaking out against President Jacob Zuma, has complained about being persecuted.

Makhosi Khoza complains she is suffering persecution.

“Because I can no longer tow the party line. I cannot accept corruption, looting, a disregard for the people who brought us to power and the propping up of growing kleptocracy,” she said.

She has received death threats warning her to stop pushing for a secret ballot when MPs vote on Mr Zuma next month.

Report says the Parliament and the police decided to provide security for her, but Ms Khoza has chosen not to accept it, according to her Facebook post.

Last week, the ANC said she had crossed the line and must face disciplinary action for speaking out against the president.