Religious faithful urged to care for less privileged

Cynthia Okere, Lagos

Religious faithful have been advised to take the plight of the less privileged in the country seriously particularly the IDPS and the destitute in rehabilitation centres.

A Nigerian Cardinal Priest, his eminence Olubunmi Okogie made the call at the Lagos State rehabilitation centre during his visit to the inmate of the centre as part of the activities to mark his 80th birthday and priestly ordination golden jubilee.

Cardinal Osagie said he decided to celebrate his birthday with the inmates in order to give them sense of belonging and to let them know that they are very important in the sight of God.

He urged the inmates to love one another and be always thankful to God irrespective of their predicament stressing that, “It is the only way to provoke God’s blessings.
”Whatever we do in life, let us remember that we all have the same father, but unfortunately most of us don’t think about that at all. We only think of today, think of tomorrow, think of what we are going to do and after that, that’s the end.”

Kind gesture
The principal officer of the Lagos State rehabilitation centre, Sukanmi Hassan expressed his heart felt joy to the Catholic mission, governmental and non-governmental organisations for their unrelenting kind gestures towards the inmates since the inception of the centre.

He said such gestures have helped in re-integrating some of the inmates back to the society.

”There is a Samaritan project on ground here and it’s owned by the Catholic mission, they are here every day and they provide food. The Ministry also provide them food, accommodation and medicals,” Hassan said.

To emulate
Reverend Father Emeka Nworie of the Holy Cross Cathedral Lagos describes Cardinal Osagie as a philanthropist who thinks about the poor more than any other thing in life.

He stressed that the country will be a better place if all and sundry will emulate and toe the steps of the cardinal wishing him many more happy years on earth.

“Every year, whenever Cardinal celebrates his birthday, he goes about visiting the less privileged centres, the orphanage centres. He went about taking care of the poor, the widows and preaching the gospel of Christ, giving the people the sense of belonging. If the government should come out fully to pay attention to the IDPs, we will not have much poor people today moving along the road,” Father Nworie said.

Highlight of the visit was the donation of relief materials which include food items and toiletries.