Renewable Energy ideal for Nigerian environment – Expert

The Federal and state governments as well as private investors have been adviced to embrace Hover Energy Turbines (HET) as an alternative source of electricity supply in the country.

Mr Olufisayo Adeluola, the Project Manager, German African Business Engineering Ltd., Lagos, said that HET, also known as wind energy system,  is consumer and environmentally friendly and cheaper to maintain.

He said that the system could generate power through low wind-speeds in urban and rural areas; without generating environmental, technical and socio-economic risks that could be hazardous on its consumers.

Adeluola said that should consumers embrace the system, it would transform the Nigerian power sector into a pragmatic way and minimized the risks usually associated with energy generation.

He said that due to the diverse technical challenges affecting the nation’s power sector, the wind energy solution would function well in both the urban and rural settlements without complex power transmission networks.

According to him, HET is a reliable source of energy without exposing its consumers to the risks of failures and can serve its consumers for as long as 30 years.
He said that what intending consumers of wind energy system would pay would be less than half the fraction of what consumers of conventional wind turbine-generated energy would pay for electricity consume.

This is due to the superiority in optimized design and higher power output of the wind energy system, he said.

HET avoids the use of long and expensive power transmission lines and its facilities cannot be tampered with by vandals. HET installation will not require any Right of Way (ROW) for long power transmission lines in rural and urban areas,” he said

It also provides a twin-solution of superior wind power generator and excellent energy-storage grids that do not require high transmission cost. It can be installed anywhere without disrupting the environment,” he said.
Adeluola, also the Chairman, Fisdel Green Consult Ltd., said that when HET is installed and operational, none of its mechanical parts can wear out due to frictional impact.
It is easy to install and can be replicated anywhere as its parts are designed with modular engineering or in parts that can are easy to move. It can be installed on skyscrapers, hilltops, plateaus, close to industries, airports and within military barracks,” he said.

He advised the three tiers of government and private investors to buy into renewable wind energy system to solve the lingering power failure in the country.


Mazino Dickson