Reps to prioritize infertility treatment in Nigeria

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja

Nigerian government has been urged to prioritize and integrate fertility treatment in the National Reproductive Policies to ease the plight of couples with fertility challenges in the country.

This was contained in a motion presented before the House of Representatives, seeking for government to subsidize fertility treatment and provide quality and adequate manpower for the treatment.

Leading the debate on the motion, Mr. Anayo Edwin from Ebonyi State expressed concern that infertility has not received the needed attention it deserved from government, posing more challenge to the public health.

He said marriages and procreation are entwined in Nigeria and Africa in general, thus, child bearing is highly valued in all African communities.

“In African culture, the true meaning of marriage is only fulfilled if couple conceives and bear children. This is because Africans see children as a major source of power and also as insurance for parents in their old age.”Edwin stressed.

The House expressed concern that though advancement in medical science has made it possible for couples with fertility problems to seek alternative reproductive techniques which are very expensive and beyond the reach of 80% of infertile couples.

“The cheapest cost of IVF treatment and the simplest of all the techniques used is between N800000 to N1m,” he said.

The House in another motion prayed for urgent re-constitution of boards of government parastatals and agencies to facilitate good governance in the country.