Reverend sues for peace at Easter

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos.

Nigerians have been urged to exhibit  love to one another regardless of their tribe or religion.
This comes as Christian faithfuls celebrate Easter Monday across the country.
In a chat with Voice of Nigeria, Rev. Anthony Nwosu said that the moment called for reflection where every individual must forget about their differences and chart a course for unity and peace.
According to him “Jesus loves all and this shows his message of love is for all . There is no tribe , no religion ; regardless of faith. It is a pure love and I think that is what everyone should bear in mind at this time.”
He enjoined people to be hopeful as the country would overcome all the current difficulties and also called for greater sacrifice , tolerance and love among Nigerians.
He said: “the significance of the season would be lost, if Christians allowed selfisness, hatred and intolerance to influence their lifestyles and general conduct.”
He stressed that “the country and, indeed , the world would be a more peaceful place , if Christians and followers of other religions see themselves as one, irrespective of their differences.”
Fun seekers were spotted around the city of Lagos, using the public holidays declared by the government, to celebrate the Easter Monday with their family members.