Ruling APC to restructure its leadership

A restructuring of leadership is about to take place in Nigeria’s governing party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, in order to ensure unity among its members.

Rochas Okorocha, the Governor of Imo State and Chairman of a forum with all the APC governors, stated this after a meeting with the National Working Committee of the party at its National Secretariat in Abuja.

“It would be recalled that I think the recent past, top members of APC have been seen to publicly disagree on matters concerning the party and this has caused division among the members,” he said.

Governor Okorocha stressed the need for dialogue and communication among the members to resolve issues.

“We noticed there is so much bitterness among the ranks and members of our party, and there is need for communication, and dialogue because where there is no communication and there is no dialogue, war is inevitable.

There is need to make amendment, which is natural within any human organization, the party will be restructured for the purpose of making it stronger and to move forward as a people and as a party.

Restructuring is not in terms of changes; who comes in or who goes out. No. But, in every human organization, there comes a time when they restructure. It could be to add more people, it could be to strengthen the party at all levels. And, of course, you know that these people are duly elected people, whose tenure will expire by 2018. So, there is need for restructuring,” he explained.

The governor explained the gains that could be gotten if there was unity and called on all members to work towards achieving unity.

“Our party is united, we must take advantage of the moment, especially with the visible crisis in PDP.Many good people in PDP want to join the APC, they are still watching because they have not seen us show that which we were known for. We were so united before election, and there is no reason we cannot manage this victory. So, APC must manage its victory.

And Nigerians are not going to ask us who is able to bring down one another in the party, they will ask us what have we been able to do as a party? We can do something when we are united. So, I came here for a call for unity, and the governors are willing to show leadership in this regard by making sure all the members of the National Working Committee, the APC governors and National Assembly work together to ensure the unity of our party.”

On the forthcoming Ondo governorship election in South west Nigeria, Governor Okorocha appealed to the National Working Committee to relocate to that State.

“We discussed the issue of Ondo election. We said that as a party, we must show our strength and visibility in Ondo election. I have appealed to the National Working Committee to relocate their office to Ondo to show support. And, the governors will do equally, to be sure APC wins in the coming election.

The system that brought President Buhari as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is that system that we want to practice at all levels. And, that is the system I think has taken place in Ondo election. So, our internal democracy is well-respected, and we’ll make sure that nobody is hurt, and the right thing is done,” the governor said.