Russia rejects German criticism of mini-Reichstag replica

The Russian military on Friday said a planned mini-Reichstag intended for kids to storm at a Moscow Park would serve as a symbol of victory over Nazism.

The military rejected German’s criticism of the Berlin parliamentary building replica.

“The criticism from German politicians forces you to question what beliefs they may actually have about the makers of the Third Reich,’’ Russian Defence Ministry’s spokesman, General Konshenkov said.

Soviet forces stormed the Reichstag at the end of World War II in 1945, at times engaging in combat room by room.

The Soviet Union lost more than 20 million people during the war, and the Allied victory remained a profound source of national pride in Russia.

A German government Spokeswoman had earlier said that the plan to construct the replica was “surprising and speaks for itself.’’

“Germany would not build such a replica,’’ German Foreign Ministry Spokesman Martin Schaefer said at a news conference.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said two days prior that the replica would be built in the military-themed Patriot Park specifically, so that young patriots could recreate the siege.

The park, in the Moscow suburb Kubinka, was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015 at a time of heightened patriotism and military rhetoric in the country.