Saying sorry is key to peace – Onwuzuruike

Martha Obi, Abuja

Nigerians have been encouraged to apologize and seek forgiveness,  so that peace will reign within families, the country and the world at large.

Mr. Chidi Onwuzuruike

The author of a book: Secret Weapon, I’m Sorry; Mr. Chidi Onwuzuruike, said this during the launching of his book in Abuja.

Mr. Onwuzuruike emphasized that “the world is experiencing crisis from different sections, as every fight has a cause. But people keep on struggling for peace among other things, because they failed to admit their wrongs.

He noted that people failed to recognize their privilege in coming together as one entity, by not understanding their differences and uniting to accommodate everyone.

The author added that ‘I’m sorry’ was not just a phrase but ”a medicine therapy that goes a long way to prevent issues from escalating, as also a secret weapon that has great healing power.”

Reverend Father George Ajana

Onwuzuruike also said that words could equally go a long way to resolve ethnic and religious issues in the country.

Reverend Father George Ajana who reviewed the book, said “the best solutions to human conflicts and other problems associated with human relationship is the ability to offer and receive sincere apology. Health, social and psychological wellbeing could be entangled if one fails to seek peace by being sorry for the wrong deeds, especially those capable of tearing one’s relationship with others apart.”