Somalia launches training school for police

Margagrt Ulanmo, Lagos

A new training school for the Police Force has been launched in Kismayo, Somalia.

The training facility constructed with support from the African Union Mission in Somalia and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia was opened by the Somali Police Commissioner Major General Mohamed Sheikh Mohamud.

The facility is expected to serve as a base for police training in the region, as part of the on-going capacity building for the Police Force both in Mogadishu and in the regional administrations.

Officials say the training is critical to build the capacity of the Somali Police Force in order to help them restore stability and security as well as to maintain rule and order in the war ravaged East African nation.

The UN and AU have begun giving training in Jubbaland for 200 police officers.

It’s supported by the UN Office for Project Services and the UK Department for International Development.

The Africa Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia AMISOM, said the training programme which would last for three months intends to produce new recruits trained on new policing model.

The Deputy Special Representatives of the AU Commission, Lydia Mayeto-mutenda advised the newly trained police to be very diligent with their work.

The Mission Police Commissioner, Anand Pillay pledged continuous support from AMISOM Police during the training program.

 Minister of Internal Security, General Mohamed Farah Warsame said they welcomed AMISOM commanders and UN Office for Project Services officials who have all played an important role in commissioning the training centre.

The new policing model contains federal and state-level components, which will be under the respective federal and state-level ministries of internal security.

The 200 Somali police recruits are the first batch of the 600 police officers selected for training.

Currently, AMISOM doesn’t have a permanent Police Training Centre but said it is in the process of sourcing for funds to construct a permanent structure.

The AMISOM Police Commissioner Anand Pillay pledged continuous support from AMISOM Police during the training program.

“We are looking forward to the 200 police officers training over the next three months. Thereafter the training will be continued by our police officers and we will support them by providing the necessary mentoring so that they can become efficient and effective police officers in the region” Pillay said.

In the past, AMISOM has given a number of trainings to Somali police officers to boost their skills in order to perform their functions effectively.

After completing their training, the police officers were deployed in various parts of the country to protect the Somali people.

AMISOM says it will continue to train and support the Somali Police Force until there is a complete police institution where there are basic structures of command, control, supervision and accountability.

AMISOM has previously deployed skilled officers to support the Somali police force and establish police institutions in the regional states.

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