South Africa’s Eskom gets $180m loan for renewable energy

The New Development Bank said on Monday that South African power utility Eskom would get $180 million in assistance for renewable energy projects, part of a package of $811 million in green energy loans it approved last week.

A spokesperson for the bank said the Eskom projects would involve transmission lines to carry 670 MW of generation and 500 MW worth of renewable energy projects involving independent power producers.

In 2000, Government announced its intent to provide free basic services to indigent households. In this regard various services including energy were identified as basic services to be supported by Government’s programmes with respect to indigent households.

Users who have prepaid electricity meters will be able to see when the free electricity is used up and will then have to buy more electricity at their expense.

Users with conventional or credit meters will see a credit of 50kWh on their monthly bill, which is the Free Basic Electricity (FBE) units. Any additional use is billed as per the applicable tariff.

Reuters/ Abu M