Stakeholders urged to reinvigorate advocacy for higher education

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

Stakeholders in the Nigerian Tertiary Education Sub-sector have been urged to reinvigorate advocacy for the development of higher education in the Country.

The Secretary General of the Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, AVCNU and a delegate at the 14th General Conference of the Association of African Universities, Professor Micheal Faborode, gave the charge in Accra on the take home lessons for Nigerian delegates.

Professor Faborode also said that African countries are looking up to Nigeria for leadership in the right direction.

He warned that if Nigeria does not prioritise education in the proper way, the country will continue to find itself in the realm of underdevelopment.

The Former Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Faborode emphasised that education is the key to development and the sooner Nigeria realises this, the better for the system as a whole.

Challenging scholars in Africa, the AVCNU Secretary General, said higher educationist in Africa should be the provider of solutions to the problems of Africa Interms of issues burdened on development.

He noted that, there is a long way for the AAU to go in bridging gaps, he explained that what is more obvious is that African Countries are not paying adequate attention to the issues of higher education in the continent.

“Africans should be the providers of their solutions to the African problems, the challenge is not just with one country but all the African countries, looking at past resolutions of Africa, we see that Lagos resolutions and other resolutions have been good policies but how much of implementation do we see, now the agenda of 2063 for Africa, it is time for Africa to work the talk” Prof Faborode added.

Accoring to him, “in developed countries knowledge is the key to solving the health, economy and other problems. We have so many policies that are well crafted but we find out that when it comes to implementation, we find out that African countries have not been able to put the right investment in the right places”

On the AAU AT 50 Celebration, Prof. Micheal Faborode said that the Association represents the voice of Higher Education in Africa.

“it provides the leadership that all of us in the region align with”

“AAU has provided leadership in the area of quality assurance for the African University system and in providing direction to make education much more relevant to the problems of Africa” he added.