Sudan commends ties with Nigeria

Zubairu Mohammed, Abuja

Sudanese Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Ibrahim B. Mohammed Ali

The cordial relations existing between Nigeria and Sudan have been commended by the Sudanese Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Ibrahim B. Mohammed Ali.

This was made known during an exclusive interview on Voice of Nigeria, in his office in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Ambassador Ali noted that both countries had similar historical, political and socio-Cultural ties.

He said “The Sudanese-Nigeria relations of cooperation are very old and deeply rooted in history. This why I am also proud to mention that we are one nation tied by blood relationship despite the distance between the two countries”.

The Sudanese Ambassador further explained that “There are a huge number of Sudanese people of Nigerian origin in Sudan; they are millions that are participating actively in the development of the country,” he added.

The Ambassador urged the two countries to make use of these opportunities to improve the economic cooperation between the two countries.

He emphasised that “despite the old relationship, the two countries imperatively in need to make use of this advantage to improve our economic cooperation which is far below our aspirations”.

The envoy also praised President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in its fight against insurgency and expressed his country’s readiness to assist Nigeria in any security challenge.

As for Sudan and Nigerian cooperation, we are following with admiration the efforts exerted by President Buhari in combating the rebels in Nigeria, especially boko haram. We expressed our readiness to render any kind of support required by the Nigerian Authorities”.

On Sudan’s economy, he said that the separation of South Sudan in July, 2011 had deprived the country of 75% of the oil revenues which initially had adverse effect on all the economic sectors of Sudan.

The Ambassador confirmed that Sudan economy is improving as a result of economic diversification in the country.

He said, “Fortunately we managed to recover quickly by diversifying the economy, now we are making success with the production of solid minerals especially gold and we are doing our best to improve our agricultural productivity as in fact Sudan is looked at as the food basket of the Arab world”.

On Sudan’s conference on National Dialogue, led by its President, Mr Omar Al- Bashir , he disclosed that the government of Sudan and the opposition group had been on the negotiating table for the past four months deliberating on ways to consolidate on the internal front and agree on power sharing in the country.