Sudan condemns U.S. report on human trafficking

Sudan’s government deemed a report published by the United States blacklisting Sudan as one of the countries not fighting human trafficking, as “unfair and lacking accurate information.”

The United States publishes an annual report on human trafficking, and this year it lumped Syria and Sudan together with four other Arab countries.

The report also includes Russia and Iran, totalling 26 blacklisted governments which the United States’ State Department believes are not fighting human trafficking.

“Regarding Sudan, the report lacks accurate information and was more inclined towards tarnishing the country’s image in areas where Sudan has achieved remarkable success including the prevention of recruiting child soldiers and human trafficking,” said the Sudanese Foreign Ministry in a statement.

The statement refers to Sudan’s efforts in combating human trafficking when Khartoum hosted an international conference on combating illegal migration in 2015 as well as Sudan’s human trafficking legislation.

The ministry reiterated Sudan’s commitment with respect to human trafficking, saying “Although the United State’s report distorts Sudan’s stance regarding these critical issues, Sudan will remain committed to its obligations towards the international community.”

Sudan will follow through on the international laws it has signed and remain an active member of the international community in the face of such vital issues, it said.

According to the report, Sudan comes in the third category of countries not fully committed to the minimum criteria, stipulated by the laws in place to protect human trafficking victims, in addition to not exerting enough effort towards this issue, hence rendering the country on the receiving end of U.S. sanctions.


Xinhua/Zainab Sa’id