Surveyors propose geo-political mapping for economic growth

Golfa Francis, Abuja

Proper mapping of the Nigeria’s geo-political zones has been identified as a major tool for growing the economy and fighting insurgency in the country.

The Registrar, Surveyor Council of Nigeria, Suleiman Hassan made this known at the induction ceremony of 284 newly surveyors in Abuja, Nigeria.

‘’One of the duties of surveyors is to define the territory and give proper information to the military for tackling insurgency’’,he said

According to Mr Hassan, there is no state in Nigeria that is not blessed with one natural resources or the other and it’s therefore the duty of the surveyors to survey the environment and give proper details to the authority.

He emphasised the need for a map culture to be built for the benefit of every one which he said is one of the activities the surveyors offer.

‘’Nigeria is the only country were when one drops at the airport; he begins to ask his fellow passenger how to get to a particular area or destination. In other places is not so, all one need to do is to pick a map to direct him to where the person is going to.”

‘’that is why we are appealing to the National Assembly to release more money to the mapping industry for Proper mapping of the Nigeria’s geo-political zones’’ Surveyor Hassan said.

Development Plan

He added that with the use of surveying technology devices, the prosperity of Nigeria and the plan to diversify its economy depends totally on the activities of the surveyors thereby calling on the government to integrate surveyors into developmental its plan.

The 284 surveyors inducted in to the surveying profession in Nigeria brought to the total number to 314 surveyors in Nigeria.

Surveyor General of the Federation, Ebisentei Awudu who swore the surveyors in, said they were properly trained to adequately curtail the challenges of diversifying the Nigeria’s economy.