Trafficking probe in Egypt tourist death

Officials in Poland say a Polish tourist who died in an Egyptian resort last month may have been a victim of human trafficking and organised crime.

The Polish tourist, Magdalena Zuk, travelled alone to the Red Sea resort of Marsa Alam at the end of April.

Report says she plunged to her death from a hospital window after some days.

Egyptian security sources and medical staff say the 27-year-old woman took her own life.

There has been speculation the woman was the victim of a sexual assault by hotel staff, but Egyptian security sources have denied that she was drugged and raped.

However, Polish investigators say they are following several lines of inquiry, including forced prostitution, human trafficking and people smuggling.

Report says the young woman arrived in the resort, some 750km (450 miles) south of Cairo, on 25 April, and was planning to spend a week there. But for reasons unknown her plans changed, and she tried to fly home from the local airport, but was not allowed on the plane because she was acting strangely.

She was taken to hospital, from where CCTV footage has emerged apparently showing her acting erratically and being restrained by two men.

Hospital manager Mohamed Sami Gomaa said she tried to throw herself from a window several times.

Staff says she was later tied to a bed, but managed to escape, attack a nurse and jump from the building.

Mr Gomaa also said no rape check had been carried out because she had not made a complaint.

The Polish foreign ministry has said it is the responsibility of the Egyptian authorities to clarify the circumstances of the death.