Trump may not accept result of US presidential election

The Republican US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has declined to say that he will accept the election result, if he loses, in the final TV debate against Hillary Clinton.

When asked by the moderator of the third and final debate Chris Wallace to confirm whether he will accept the outcome of the vote, Trump said: ‘‘I will look at it at the time.”I will keep you in suspense.”

For days he has claimed the election is ‘‘rigged”.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton described his comment as ‘‘horrifying” and said it was extraordinary that the nominee of a major party would say such a thing.

The pair also clashed over immigration, with Mr Trump accusing Mrs Clinton of wanting open borders.

Trump promised again to build a wall on the border saying, ‘‘she wants to give Amnesty which is a disaster we have no country if we don’t have borders, we need to have strong boarders to keep the drugs out of our country we cannot give amnesty.”

On her part, Clinton said “I don’t want to ripe family’s apart; I don’t want to be sending parents away from their children. I don’t want to see deportation forced.’’ 

The candidates did not shake hands before or after the debate, which is a public display of the resentment between them.

Mr Trump accused the Clinton camp of inciting violence at some of his rallies and of orchestrating the recent chorus of allegations that he groped and kissed women without consent.

Mrs Clinton said ‘‘Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. He never apologises for anything.”

This debate represented both candidates’ last chance to reach a massive TV audience of American voters.

19 days is remaining until America goes to the polls.