Turkish Prime Minister announces resignation plan

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says he will stand down at an extraordinary congress of his ruling AK Party later this month.

Davutoglu announced his resignation after holding talks with party leaders.

The congress would be held on 22 May, he said.

Rift and Speculation

Speculation about his resignation has been rife since Mr. Davutoglu met President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday.

He is long thought to have disapproved of Mr. Erdogan’s plans to move Turkey to a presidential system of government.

Earlier, presidential aide Cemil Ertem said there would be no snap elections following the appointment of a new leader.

He also told Turkish TV that the country and its economy would stabilise further “when a prime minister more closely aligned with President Erdogan takes office”.

After he was elected president in 2014, Mr. Erdogan hand-picked Mr. Davutoglu to succeed him as head of the AK Party (Justice and Development Party).

However, the prime minister’s unease with Mr. Erdogan’s plans to move to a presidential system, among other policies, has been evident in recent months.

In a sign of his weakening influence, Mr. Davutoglu was stripped last week of the authority to appoint provincial AK Party officials.