UK Conservative party unveils manifesto ahead of election

Hauwa Abubakar, West Yorkshire

United Kingdom's Prime Minister, Theresa May

The United Kingdom’s prime minister has unveiled her Conservative Party manifesto ahead of the June 8 elections, pledging to cut back on immigration and enhance social care.

Theresa May presented the policy document entitled “Forward, Together Our plan for a Stronger Britain and a Prosperous Future,” to a crowd of Tory cabinet ministers, party members, and journalists at a venue in Halifax, north England.

She said companies that hire workers outside the United Kingdom and the European Union, EU would be made to pay higher fees.

Companies would pay £2000 for each non EU migrant worker they hire into skilled jobs, which is double what is being paid presently.

Revenue generated
Revenue generated from these payments would go into funding skills training for the UK workers.

Also, non EU migrant workers and students would be made to pay more for national health insurance.

The party does not plan to remove international students from the migrant statistics arguing that net migration is still too high at £273,000.

Meanwhile, winter fuel payments of between £100-£300 made to pensioners would be cut based on needs assessment and funds would be invested in social care.

In addition, care costs are now to be generated from individuals’ assets worth over £100,000 in a contributory scheme.

The party also promised to cut back free school lunches for infant pupils with the exception of breakfast in the primary years.

Mrs May reiterated that she would bring “strong and stable leadership” and negotiate a good Brexit deal for the UK, while reiterating the party’s commitment to strengthen the economy outside the EU.

Mercy Chukwudiebere