UK Election: Parties enter final hours of campaigns

Hauwa Abubakar, UK

The countdown has begun for party campaigns ahead of UK’s general elections to be held on Thursday, June 8.

Parties have until Thursday Morning to campaign, and pitch for votes.

Even though campaigns have been disrupted by terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, party leaders have continued to move from town to town in a final push to win more votes.


With Brexit being the sole reason for calling an election, Conservative’s Theresa May reiterated that she was the right candidate to deliver the right deal for Britain as her campaign trail started in London.

“We’ve set out in our manifesto, the challenges that we face as a country, and how we as government will deliver on those challenges…the key issues that we need to address are the Brexit negotiations, those start 11 days after polling day, so we’ve got to be ready to go ahead with those negotiations.”

May also said that human rights laws could be changed to deal with terrorism.

Elsewhere in Runcorn, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised more spending on health and education, warning of an austerity era under the Conservatives.

“It’s a choice quite simply of hope or fails, Then I ask you all to work hard today, to get people out to vote tomorrow so that we elect that government that can run for the good of all of us,” Corbyn said amid cheers from supporters.

“The re-election of a Theresa May government will mean five more years of cuts to the NHS, five more years of increases in waiting times, five more years of more people waiting for social care and five more years of austerity.”

The Lib Dems are urging voters to weigh their options based on party manifestoes and choose wisely while UKIP says only it can stop Brexit “backsliding” with a plan to reduce net migration to zero in five years.

Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, Scotland, the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said re-electing SNP MPs would ensure Scotland retained a “strong voice” in Westminster.

She maintains that Scotland would find a way out in another independence referendum if the Brexit deals turn out unfavourable for the Scottish people and the economy.

And Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood said a re-elected Conservative government with an increased majority would pose a “threat” to Wales adding that the party would stand up for Welsh interests during and after Brexit negotiations.

Polling stations open from 7 am on Thursday and close 10 pm.