UN says two million Syrians live without water

The UN says intensified attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo have left nearly two million people without water, the UN says.

According to UN children’s agency, fierce strikes on Friday prevented repairs to a damaged pumping station supplying rebel-held eastern areas of the city.

The agency further said a nearby station pumping water to the rest of Aleppo has been switched off.

The struggle
The Syrian army has reaffirmed its determined to retake rebel-held areas in Aleppo, after a ceasefire collapsed on Monday.

A spokesman for the UN’s children’s agency Unicef, Kieran Dwyer said ‘‘water is no longer pumping to people in eastern Aleppo and western Aleppo, all across Aleppo, nearly two million people.”

Dwyer pointed out that this could be ‘‘catastrophic” for residents who have to resort to contaminated water and will be at risk from water-borne diseases.

He said water was being used as a weapon of war by all sides. The pumping station supplying rebel-held parts of Aleppo was damaged on Thursday and subsequent strikes had made repairs impossible.

‘‘That pumping station pumps water to the entire population of the eastern part of city, that’s at least 200,000 people and then in retaliation for that attack a nearby pumping station that pumps water to the entire western part of the city , upwards to 1.5 million people – that was deliberately switched off,” Mr Dwyer said.