UNDP provide ways of diversifying Nigeria’s economy

By Golfa Francis, Abuja

United Nations Development Programme-UNDP is already providing strategic support to the Government of Nigeria in two key areas that will help expand this growth.

The strategy includes interventions aimed at transforming the country’s agricultural sector and strengthening the solid minerals sector.

During a breakfast meeting with the media in Abuja, the new Head of the United Nations System and UNDP Resident Representative in Nigeria, Ms Fatma Samoura said, “UNDP is working with both the Federal and State governments because it believes that these two sectors have great potential to drive growth further.”

In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Africa Facility for Inclusive Markets of the UNDP Regional Centre, UNDP will next month be launching a project on ‘Agricultural Supplier Development Programme.’

This new project will create employment opportunities and increase income and output for rural farmers as well as strengthening the commodity supply chains by narrowing the gaps between farmers and retailers.

Ms. Samoura stated that a cooperation framework for strengthening the solid minerals sector between the Ministry of Solid Minerals and UNDP Nigeria is being developed.

This framework is aimed at exploring avenues for increasing the production of minerals to generate revenue for the country as well as create employment opportunities for the million unemployed Nigerians.

Ms. Samoura stressed that Nigeria has experienced growth in the recent past and now the Africa’s largest economy although the growth has not yet been translated in to poverty reduction.

“At UNDP, we believe that expanding the sources of growth and ensuring that this growth is pro-poor remain key elements necessary for reducing the levels of poverty in Nigeria,” Ms. Samoura added.